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Report: Pakistani Men Are Sexy

August 28th, 2009 No comments

Lahore, Pakistan: A recent report carried out by the Institute of Desi Chemistry (IDC) found that Pakistani girls are attracted to not chivalry, good looks, and charm, but rather to young pubescent boys who drive around with tacky Indian music on full blast. The report, which randomly surveyed over 3000 females between the ages of 15-30, strongly confirms the widespread belief that the ‘cheapness’ displayed by Pakistani boys is actually sexy.

In addition to carrying out several field surveys, researches with the IDC scoped out several locations around the city of Lahore, including Liberty Market, McDonald’s Y-Block location, and Fortress Stadium. The researchers usually observed groups of 4-5 young men, wearing tight leather jeans and even tighter t-shirts, packed into tiny Suzuki Khybers. The researchers found that these young men would roll down their windows, have Bollywood music from the 1990’s interspersed with the song ‘Papi Chulo’ and ‘Chano’ playing at insanely high volumes, and would abrasively screech their tires. Nearby, groups of women would giggle in appreciation, and would usually encourage further similar behavior by their flirtatious glances. Read more…

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August 25th, 2009 No comments

Who are we trying to deceive here? Are we lying to “them” or are we actually in turn pretty much lying to “ourselves”. We’re on the path to freedom? “bull-shit” is what I say. What freedom?! Does anything happen here which actually remotely signifies the dictionary meaning of the word freedom? What enlightenment? When the only thing I succeed to notice is a plethora of lies and deceit and hate and apathy and death and doom and all the synonyms I can remember from the thesaurus. We have fallen into a black hole of stupidity, puerility, and instability. Why are we sitting on our butts waiting for superman to come out of a comic book page and rescue the state of affairs of our beloved Islamic Republic of Pakistan?. Why can’t we get up ourselves march towards the “president’s house” and throw eggs on that person?! Why? because we’ll be met with heavy duty guards on our quest who will make sure we never see the light of the day again. So much for easy access to governance and the basic tenet of democracy.

*PFFFTTT*. Read more…

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Jackson ‘had lethal drug levels’

August 24th, 2009 No comments

Pop star Michael Jackson had lethal levels of the powerful anaesthetic propofol in his body when he died, coroner’s office documents show.

The findings were contained in a previously sealed search warrant which has been made public in Texas.

The singer died in June from a cardiac arrest at his home in Los Angeles. Police have interviewed his doctor, but he has not been named as a suspect.

There are reports that the coroner has concluded Jackson’s death was homicide.

The reports, carried by the Associated Press news agency quoting unnamed police sources, have not been confirmed.

But the BBC’s Rajesh Mirchandani in Los Angeles says homicide includes manslaughter, and investigators have been trying to establish if there is a case for that charge. Read more..

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Permanent Monthly Contest – Top Poster of the Month – Win 1500rs

August 16th, 2009 No comments

Hello everybody,

We are glad to announce a Permanent Monthly Contest – Top Poster of the Month at IntCube.Com Forums.

The Top Poster (the one with maximum number of posts and threads) will be awarded Rs.1500. The amount may be increased from the next month depending upon the response.

Here are the rules to be strictly followed :-

  1. This contest is opening from next month i.e. 1st September 2009.
  2. Winner will be declared in 1st week of next month.
  3. The prize money is applicable for the residents of Pakistan only, preferably students.
  4. It is open for all the existing members as well as the newly Registered Members.(If you don’t have an account, you can Register for FREE.)
  5. All posts you make must be meaningful,should have at least 10 characters.(“yes,no,nice,good,nice post,thank you………..etc.” like posts will not be counted.
  6. You should concentrate more on making new meaningful threads (at least 50% of your posts should be new threads).
  7. The prize amount will be sent though post within 1 week of declaration of results.
  8. The Administration have the rights to make any changes in the above rules without prior notification.
  9. We have developed a special software that will keep track of all posts made by our members.
  10. Top Poster of the Month information will be displayed at the bottom of the IntCube.Com Forum’s index page so anybody can check the status anytime.

That’s it just make relevant posts and you can earn Rs.1500 in Cash or Mobile Credit.

If you have any questions, just ask them here.

Good luck!
The Staff

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August 14th, 2009 No comments


It’s been 62 years since we gained independence. 62 very eventful years. We’ve seen the good, the bad, the ugly, the ugliest (with a mustache) and the super ugly (person with smoking video, wig, and the voice like a witch). We’ve seen good times, and we’ve seen bad times where we watch our country men blow up. And worse times where we are on the brink of being called a “failed state”. Yet most of us debate that “freedom” is a virtue that we all have and we should be thankful for the fact that at least we are “free”. I disagree with this debate. Who or what I am is a composition of the following points :-

1) I hate the system, I hate the people who make the system, and I hate the people who follow it saying “hayee system he kharab hei”.

2) I hate the people who run the Government, people who are part of a political party with the slogan “food : clothes : home” who spend a thousand dollars on one suit where people wear torn clothes running around waiting for the “change” promised to them.

3) I hate the fact that we so happily “celebrate” our freedom whereas we are still in the shackles of the very people we wanted to be free of. Star plus dramas… We are more concerned about prem getting married to rani than we are about how we should make the country better.

4) I hate the fact that every Government institution is as depleted as a rag house ( A visit to a “digital telephone exchange’ convinced me).

5) I want to make a change, I want to let people know that this is not the way to be. This is not the way to live. And this is not the way to do.

6) Everyone hates corruption. I hate people who vote for beings who are “less corrupt”.

7) I want people to know that they are looking in all the wrong places for freedom. Freedom comes to those who dare, not to those who stare ( at lands who are successful).

For those people who will read this and curse me for not being concerned about Pakistan and being a na shukra and a hypocrite….

I am more patriot than you will EVER be :)

Long live Pakistan, Long live the revolution…

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August 13th, 2009 No comments

Here is a story I read on another blog and would like to share. Essentially, it is a “Reality check about the consequences of our actions.” – Rabbia A


Last night, my cousin and I went for some late night tea to Defence Market. The shops were still open and the beggars/street vendors were wrapping up their daily activities.

As we sat sipping doodhpatti, one of the beggars approached our car (for those who find my use of the word ‘beggar’ to be disparaging, I apologize. I couldn’t find a better and more apt word). He asked us if we could buy him some dinner…in English. We weren’t taken aback. There were quite a few beggars out there who spoke English or who were literate/educated up to a point. And anyways learning a few sentences here and there in English wasn’t too difficult.

The beggar was thin and scrawny looking. It looked like he hadn’t showered or changed clothes in many days. My cousin and I sat talking to each other about life, ignoring him and the others who would come up to our car window begging us for money. I did give those who were selling things some of the change I carried on me. Other than that, I didn’t want to promote the begging profession so I shooed most away.

When the same beggar broke out into English again, I asked him what his story was. His story had us thinking all the way back home about life and the one-times that can change destiny.

Muhammad had a normal life. He grew up playing cricket in the streets of Karachi and knew that after school, he would go home to a warm meal and family in Saddar. He went to St. Patrick’s School in Karachi (my father and General Musharraf’s alma mater) where he did his matriculation and Intermediate studies and finished his B.Com (Bachelor in Commerce). He then worked as an accountant for the Karachi Race Course before that one fateful day when he and his friend went to see a clothes exhibition put on by some Russians.

His friend and him ended up paying some Russian woman to have sex with them. A few days later, after falling sick and having a blood test, Muhammad discovered that he might have HIV. Some more lab results confirmed that he was carrying the virus. His parents shunned him and he was exiled from his group of friends.

Muhammad went from an AIDS camp to a UNDP purpose-built hospital for HIV carriers. His health declined. 2 years later, his parents passed away and his elder brother sold their flat and moved to Lahore. Muhammad ran away from the hospital, moving among beggars and miscreants, digging through trash and leftovers to find something to eat. Whomever he told that he had AIDS would distance themselves from him. Doctors who would see him would tell him that even if he caught so much as the common cold, his body’s resistance to it would be futile and he would die.

Muhammad approached his brother in Lahore but he was turned away at the door. His brother told him that he wasn’t his responsibility anymore.

4 years to the day, Muhammad roams around Karachi, sleeping near train tracks and on benches in parks. He has almost submitted to Death. He repents that one-time that had put his life on a downward spiral from which there was no coming back. He called it God’s fury, I told him it was more like Man’s mistake.

He asked us for food, we bought him a cheeseburger and coke. My cousin wanted to know if he would work in his shop as an accountant. Muhammad agreed.

On our drive home, we talked about Muhammad and his one-time. The one-time that had infected him. The one-time that had thrown his life off the beaten path and into the bushes among the predators, scavengers and those who had to make it or be killed if they couldn’t. The one-time that would lead to a decline in his living standards and eventually lead to a painful death.

We talked about how if even he was employed in one of the shops, people would shun him if they ever knew he had AIDS. He might even get beaten to death if he was thought to be homosexual.

And it’s not only Pakistani or Muslim society, it’s everywhere. Movies like Philadelphia and Broadway shows like Rent have helped to bring focus on the AIDS issue but our country still lags behind. Pakistan has a rising AIDS population and Pakistan is also known to be a haven for drug addicts. This puts us at even more risk and with our slowing economy, this disease will only just add to the burden.

I was moved by the story and gave it a lot of thought. I wish I could say that I’ve learnt a valuable lesson and that even if in the future I make mistakes, they aren’t life threatening or life changing. But mistakes will continue to be made. After all, Adam ate that apple only one-time.

Taken from Yawar’s Blog.

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Talent in Pakistan

August 13th, 2009 No comments

Pakistan has the best talent in the world but the need is to channelize youth and engage them in more constructive activities.

This was stated by Dr Sarwat Rasool, Assistant Professor English Department of Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU), Rawalpindi, while addressing a seminar, organised by the university’s Library Administration to observe the International Youth Day here Wednesday. Read more..

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