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Dr. Umar Saif declared Top Young Innovator

August 23rd, 2011 No comments

We certainly could do with some good news at a time when everything seems to be doom and gloom.And Dr. Umar Saif has provided us with the opportunity to celebrate. MIT has named Umar Saif as one of the world’s top young innovators for 2011.

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Unity Sect Discipline – By Hassan Shabbir Syed

August 14th, 2011 No comments

Last night i was sitting with my friends at one of our usual haunts, the place was bustling with people as it usually does on saturday nights but there was something different, the crowd was noticably larger than usual and for want of a better word more ‘agitated’. The whole place was decorated with celebratory lights and miniature flags, young men were leaning against the doors of their tricked out rides with million watt amps blurting out patriotic tunes at full volume, adrenaline junkies of the local variety were pulling off bike stunts and the audience gathered around them was responding to their feats with a peculiar mix of ridicule and encouragement as only Pakistanis can. It was the scene of a typical 14th August celebration in Islamabad, smaller in size but identical in substance to many such celebrations held in all major urban centers across the country.

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George ka khuda hafiz — I (Response)

March 8th, 2011 No comments

The article was written in response to George ka khuda hafiz — I By George Fulton Published: March 1, 2011.

Dear naive gora ( self proclaimed)..

lots can be said and desired but pinning it straight u never accept pakistan as ur love..when u take upon anything as ur love,u take it for wht it is and what it will be…love knows no future and ultimately no conditions…u dont love it in good times and leave it in dry ones.we might be going through the dark times but every dark night invites a bright wonder divorce is just another thing for you guys and i m surprised it took u 9 years holding on to this matrimony. you took upon it as an adventure..thats the biggest conflict to one’s believe in love.Words Like “Love And Quits “never exist together..if they do..its not love but dillusion 🙂

if factors like Salman taseer and The minority minister assassination promopted u taking such decision there was the Daniel Pearl episode back then..never did u ponder over what ws going on then.never did u think over the Drones that were carried out through these 9 years. regarding ur citizen ship unfortunately u were Confered upon the Citizen ship by a premier who was a guest himself 🙂 .being a “failed state” is No new fade in the Market for Pakistan..sometimes your think tanks come up with PLAN 2010 where Pakistan is shown Split into pieces and Sometimes its 2015..that is simply wishful thinking and we all know who is behind it !

dear divorced never did u question Incidents Like Raymond Davis but Ur Love for This country..when we talk of jihadi proxies we need to trace back into their existance and inception ..your country parented them and nurtured them and all we see today is an artifical battle.and a war that is not ours..

no mind sets no cancers. would be on exhibition once ur country and its army leaves the region. what we have today is courtesy Your Country’s Planted set up and its players.but less do u realise that the sleeping giant ( china ) is the only and only benificiary of this Great Game..we might suffer for now but the quagmire has its mouth wide open for your country

i m not surprised by this move of yours nor disappointed by the people who have sung and commented in ur praise

for all those who miss him..we recommend u packing ur bags and taking a flight with him.and we will see if u even get through the screening systems bring stripped and ripped at airports.we know no conditions but Divine love for this mother land

words like “luxury of leaving—many others donot” by our beloved George is an attempt at making his piece of writing some humorous..but unfortuntely he fails miserably here like he did in his whole”adventure of Fame”

we too have words of Honest Advise for u “We as a nation gave u nationality and special treatment but not every nation is as humble,genrous and naive as we are and they know their joy-ridders well. we too learn some lesson from it and we are thankful to you that you helped us waking from this slumber”

few of the words used here are self negating..and we can tel you what is extremism..Invading Iraq for Oil is extremism..Creating 9-11 and then using it as an excuse is Extremism.Creating Pakistani taliban is Extremism.A fake pursuit Of Osama Bin Ladin is Extremism.Drone attacks is An extremism..we all know who is behind the blasts in pakistan..if thts not extremism than what is…

what we can conclude is having seen the real clear picture Go and tell ur countrymen what the reality of all is..we take it as a positive and hope you can covey them wht needs to be conveyed..

i hope you would have taken a safe flight home by now but wht we recommend is “returning the green passport”,we dont have the dummy Prime Minister any more who bestowed it upon you and this People’s Elected Prime Minister would very much want to take it back .we had you once we are thankful for being here but unfortuntetly the situation doesnt allow u again.this in citation to those who said u will be missed…lets mourn and miss those who are killed in drone attacks every week rather than missing simple soul like Mr George..we all will miss you george but as “sour taste in mouth”

if an artifical world pleases ur inner person what else would please us more than ur departure ,after all your happiness is ours 🙂

we are waiting for the day where we abide adieu and say KHUDA HAFIZ AMERICA…..

Aakif Iqbal.

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